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Kathie Menduni Aspaas

printmaker   artist   art teacher

​​printmaking and design for the arts and business 

      I n         P r i n t        W e         T r u s t

   Aspen   House   Press

     Print plays an important role in representation and documentation. 

  •   Printmaking is a vital part of global communication 
  • A collaboration of state of the art print technology and traditional historical hand printing techniques; 

Aspen House Press has formed a bond between the two mediums. ​

Kathie Menduni Aspaas, BFA, MA, owner of Aspen House Press, LLC

Aspen House Press will always   r e s p e c t   materials, print applications, and humanity.
We will never turn our back on artistic cultural relevance.






Visual       Impact 

 Dedicated to working with  local, national, and the diverse International community. Aspen House Press uses recycled, energy efficient and fair traded raw materials.